Pathway To Prosperity

The mission of the program is to increase the effectiveness of individuals, organizations, and companies to help students build their effectiveness and overall impact.  Technology Playground offers and supports an interactive program and leverages a combination of technology, entrepreneurship, mentoring and community collaboration.

These are a diverse group of passionate people whose achievements can be seen in all industries, cultures and neighborhoods. They include the twenty-five year old who’s managing director of an investment bank, the nineteen year old who represents his peers at a global youth employment conference, the sixteen year old whose second small business employs three adults twice his age or the nine year old that has a successful beverage business that supports our military and gets local recognition. They make the biggest impact on the lives of others. Will YOU fall in this category?

Three motivators for the Young & Successful. 1. The Words “No” or “You Can’t”. – Accepting that you can’t do or don’t have choices in a situation is the kiss of death for anyone striving to defy the odds. 2. Blatant Injustice. – This is the root where many get their motivation. Adopt a cause, join a battle and become obsessed to find a solution. 3. It’s All in the Family. – Very few can claim a Brady Bunch-like upbringing. Many need to grow up and move beyond adversities. Come to grips with the past – confront old demons but allowing the past to get in the way of your future is about as tragic as it gets.

The answer is “YES!” It’s a fundamental need that people have a deep seated desire to be successful. Begin a plan to pursue your dreams as if you have nothing to lose. Maintain a focus on the future and open yourself up for subtle clues and more profound ah-ha moments that offer direction as powerful as beacons of light in the fog.

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Our Programs

Youth Leadership Business Development

The YLBD program will collaborate with individual schools and target 20-25 middle school students per school.

Mentors Program

We help young entrepreneurs with mentors to help them succeed through high school and college.

Entrepreneurs Club (e-Club)

A virtual incubator that cultivates and channels the power of the youth to advance themselves, socially, culturally and academically, as well as, their businesses created as it relates to their ability to develop their self esteem, self-motivation, leadership capabilities and character.

Young Urban Entrepreneurs Academy

Nine Week intensive focused on specific businesses for the youth serious about entrepreneurship.

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