Coding and Technology Classes For Kids

In collaboration with High School Technology Services (HSTS), we are pleased to offer technology training and coding classes for kids. We offer the following three programs:

I- After-school coding classes
II- Summer boot-camp coding classes
III- Private custom coding and technology classes

We utilize interactive and state-of-art tools like Scratch games to motivate kids to become a programmer and boost their STEM skills along the way.

For our coding classes, we offer introduction courses to website and mobile App design using HTML, CSS, and jQuery as well as JavaScript coding.

For our technology classes, we offer introduction to search engine optimization, social media marketing, and cyber security.

In addition to our after-school and summer boot-camp courses, we offer one-to-one coding and technology classes for variety of programming and non-programming topics.


Parents interested in any of above programs, can reach us via email ( or phone (202- 838-3131) to discuss their needs.


Watch the below short video or visit Girl & Programming page to understand why your kids need to learn programming.